FomSoft Disk Analyzer 2.01

FomSoft Disk Analyzer 2.01


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The program is designed for a wide range of users, both for specialists and for ordinary users, not possessing special knowledge and skills in the field of data recovery. Using this software, any user can independently, without resorting to the services of data recovery specialists and not leaving the house, to obtain a preliminary assessment of the complexity of the situation associated with data loss. The program generates diagnostic text files that contain detailed information about the found structures file systems NTFS and FAT. Viewing the contents of these files in any text editor, it is possible to assess the degree of complexity of the situation of loss of access to data and to outline solutions to the problem. Diagnostic files have the same format and differ only by the level of detail included in them. In most cases of data loss, this information is enough to use the data file DiskAnalyzerMINI.txt to recover lost data with their own hands using FomSoftDiskDoctor ( At the end of the analysis process the specified physical or logical disk, the program prompts you to enter the user name and email address. After that, it automatically transmits to the server the laboratory FomSoft request for a free consultation on your issue. If the User does not want to deal with the situation on their own and not willing to take risks, it may use the service laboratory FomSoft remote data recovery over the Internet.

System Requirements: Windows XP and above, no special requirements.

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